Cobie Smulders at Belize for Oceana

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Robin Scherbatsky…, i love you so damn much.

I love you too, Barney Scherbatsky. 


This storm is serious. Luckily you are friends with a former Boy Scout.

"But the finale was realistic"


Getting a divorce is realistic. Divorcing because hotels don’t have wifi is not realistic.

Passing away from a disease is realistic. The husband and children of the deceased not batting an eye at her death is not realistic.

Having three children is realistic. A woman who has explicitly expressed not wanting more than two children having a third child is not realistic. Especially not if the same woman doesn’t even look happy with two. (She told Ted sometimes she regrets having Marvin and she did not look happy when she announced her pregnancy in Daisy)

Having a crush on a former flame is realistic. Stalking her for years on end and trying to get back with her after you both lost your significant others is not realistic.

Getting back with a former flame is realistic. When you both admit it won’t and will never work, it’s not realistic.

Not being able to have and not wanting children is realistic. Falling into the arms of your ex and raising his children is not realistic.

Maturing after having a baby is realistic. But when you’ve never wanted babies and the wife who has shown to change you hasn’t been able to make you mature this baby is not realistic.

Relapse after a divorce is realistic. Returning to the exact way you were in 2005 is not realistic.

See a pattern? C&C are trying to claim their ending is realistic without realizing the flaws they have when discussing their characters.


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When did you find out [about the ending], and what did you think of it when they told you?

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