make me choose »  asked Doctor/Rose or Barney/Robin

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"Cobie, there’s no one in my life… there’s no girl in my life who I’d rather marry.”

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 All the Swarkles kisses » 1/..
↳ Sandcastles in the sand (3x16) 

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make me choose: echoesinthewind asked Barney (and Robin’s) apartment or Ted, Marshall, and Lily’s apartment?

Okay, well, since you brought it up,  let’s add up the points!’





Honestly I think swarkles was just the result of Neil being in love with Cobie and falling out of character to flirt with her on screen and then they were like CHEMISTRY and swarkles happened

It completely was. They’ve basically confirmed that.

That’s literally what it was, like you do realize that

I bet he pitched it with like a powerpoint presentation and a dance number I bet he hosted a show explaining the reasons it would be a great idea and then when they still seemed unsure I bet he went “JUST WRITE SOME SCENES WHERE I GET TO HEAVILY MAKE OUT WITH COBIE… JUST… OKAY? OKAY?”


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make me choose: anon asked blonde Ted or dark-haired Barney?


The way Barney is looking at Robin in the last gif just kills me

No one will ever convince me that there is not at least 83% Neil in his face there. How he looks at her.

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